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We are a major wholesale distributor (Jobber) representing major oil refineries such as PTT Public Company Limited, Bangchak Public Company Limited, IRPC Public Company Limited and ESSO Public Company Limited (Thailand). We service different business segments such as government sectors, industrial companies, and public companies.

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1. Fuel type 1 or furnace A or furnace 600 (Fuel oil 600, 2% Sulphur) is a high quality fuel oil. Low viscosity makes it convenient to use and suitable for small and medium size industrial. Also, it can be used with other businesses such as hotels, hospitals, communities, etc., as they can burn completely and has low soot.

2. Fuel oil type 2 or stove C or stove 1500 (Fuel oil 1500, 2% Sulphur) is a medium viscosity fuel. Suitable for medium and large size industrial plants that has a combustion system and efficient machinery. This fuel type is the most widely used fuel, which has lower selling price than fuel type 1 (Furnace A.)

3. High Speed Diesel and Biodiesel (B5) are suitable for use as a fuel in high speed diesel engines, which has speeds of more than 1,000 revolutions per minute, such as transportation vehicles, trucks, trains, and pick-up trucks. Furthermore, it can be used as fuel for industrial combustion such as boilers and direct burns.



The use of lubricating oil extends the use life for a longer time. More quality usage helps prevent wear
and tear and able to work at very high and low temperatures.

Lubricants used in the industry with many options. Customers can choose to use as appropriate for the machine or various devices for increased work efficiency.




Is a medium for transferring or changing fluid energy into mechanical energy. Makes it able to move in a straight line and in the vertical direction very well when compared to other systems, it’s easy to control and can easily change the speed of the cylinder or hydraulic motor.

The function of hydraulic oil is very important for the hydraulic system. Therefore, if using the wrong type or inappropriate for the device in the system can cause problems. In addition, it should be changed regularly when the end of service life. Including oil level to be suitable for the system use regularly for the system to work efficiently.

Super Trac

Multi-purpose hydraulic oil for tractors used in agriculture and tractors.

In addition, it can be used for power transmission, shaft, rear axle, power steering, and wet brake.


For tasks that have to bear heavy burdens always have high heat and pressure. Used to lubricate industrial machinery such as rolling mills, paper mills, palm mills, and high temperature construction machinery.

Grease will reduce the friction of the
metal surface, which lead to improving lubrication

• Excellent heat resistance

• Special ability to withstand high pressure

• Prevent reaction with oxygen, corrosion protection, and rusting well.